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Work at Waste at School

Work at Waste at School

Careless waste costs... Every year the UK produces 38 million tonnes of household, school and office waste 85% of which is landfilled, 9% incinerated and about 6% recycled. Currently most schools spend between £300 and £1000 on waste disposal each year, depending on their size, and produce a minimum of one tonne of waste per term. Schools in the UK are spending millions of pounds each year - just to be wasteful.

The Work at Waste at School guide shows how your school can implement practical ideas to tackle waste which will both help the environment and save money. It includes case studies from schools across the UK, a background to the national waste problem and contacts for further advice and information.

The guide can be used by teachers and pupils to develop a greater understanding of the environmental impacts of the school itself. Supported by the Dustbin and Wise up to Waste Packs, it can be used to develop practical learning opportunities with links to the national curriculum.

Alternatively the wider school community, such as caretakers or parent groups may wish to support schools by assisting in developing waste reduction strategies in order to reduce costs.

We no longer have Work at Waste at School in stock, but it is now freely available for viewing and downloading online.
Work at Waste at School - webpage
Work at Waste at School - pdf

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