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Wise up to Waste

A cross-curricular resource for 15-18 year old secondary students

Unfortunately we have now run out of copies of Wise Up to Waste, so are unable to send out any more.

Wise up to Waste

"Environmentally sound waste management must go beyond the mere safe disposal or recovery of wastes that are generated and seek to address the root cause of the problem by attempting to change unsustainable patterns of production and consumption."

- United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, 1992.

This education pack for young people seeks to raise some of the issues which will need to be addressed if future generations are to live in an environmentally sustainable manner. The pack uses a variety of learning experiences and contexts to ensure that environmental issues permeate the whole curriculum - for example:

Wise up to Waste topic Links with National Curriculum
Living well on less - Consumer choices Technology: packaging systems, product evaluation criteria, criteria beyond the products purpose.
Bigger and better? A local history project History: changing society, causes of change, evidence of the past, carrying out historical research.
Household waste - Too much waste, too little space? Geography: extractive industries, transport issues, geology Maths: applied maths, recognising the limitations of the data, estimating error.

A key function of the pack is to encourage students to consider the balance of information provided and make judgements as to its reliability. They will also have to reflect on gaps in the data and allow for these in their deliberations, just as we all do when using and assessing the quality of information in our everyday lives.

In environmental and social matters evidence can be offered to support a range of points of view. A rounded education must include the opportunity to recognise this fact and to develop holistic approaches to problems, using considered judgement to weigh up conflicting cases.

The Dustbin Pack and the Wise up to Waste Pack are supported by Coca Cola

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