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Waste Watch Education

We produce a range of resources to support waste education activities in schools, all of which have been developed by our education team and extensively tested on the ground in our education projects.

Summary of Resources

  • Rubbish Challenge
  • Interactive Dustbin
  • Paper making Kits
  • Waste Audit Kits

Education Resources

The Rubbish Challenge Game

The Rubbish Challenge is a key resource for any waste educator. It provides an exciting way to learn about the 3Rs, and can be used in the classroom as well as for after school groups such as scouts, guides and youth groups. It also makes a spectacular centrepiece for an event. The Rubbish Challenge is a giant floor game in which teams race to reduce reuse and recycle their rubbish. Players have to put their knowledge of the 3Rs into practice as they move around the board. They have problems to solve and solutions to discover. The game can be played by a whole class at once, but is also flexible enough for smaller groups to play. What you get 1) 4m x 3.5m floor game, printed on hardwearing, stain resistant, plastic coated fabric. The edges have eyelets to allow the game to be pegged down for use outside on grass as well as indoors. 2) Large cardbaord tube for protection. 3) Large Foam Dice 4) Set of 15 Problem Cards 5) Set of 15 Solution Cards 6) Instructions.

Price: Network Members £650 Non-members £700

Paper Making Kits

Turning waste paper into new paper has to be the best way of showing kids (an adults) what recycling is all about. These kits give a class the chance to do some hands-on recycling for themselves. Each kits contains enough equipment for a whole class to make paper. What you get 1) 6 sets of the following: - wooden frame with mesh - wooden deckle (without mesh) - sponges - cloths - plastic tray 2) 1 blender and a plastic box with lid for storage and transportation.

Price: Network members £200 Non-members £250

The Interactive Dustbin

Unique to Waste Watch, the Interactive Dustbin is an effective way of engaging kids in assemblies, classrooms and other events. The dustbin has been designed to accompany an introduction to waste as an issue, and can also be used for follow up work. It is also an impressive tool for events. The dustbin is based on an adapted 120 litre wheeled bin, and has a clear plastic front which reveals the contents of the average UK school dustbin. It provides a strong visual tool to provoke discussion, with differentiated signs and labels to emphasise the message. It also has further additions hidden inside to explain the lifecycle of 2 materials (paper and plastic) as well as examples of 3Rs for each of these materials. What you get 1) 1 adapted 120 litre wheeled bin with clear plastic front and panel showing rubbish. The following signs Reduce Reuse Recycle Landfill Incinerate Bury Burn Compost 2) 2 versions of the following signs to show the materials in the bin (one smaller to Velcro to the bin, the other to be held up): Paper, Cardboard, Metal, Glass, Plastic, Food & green waste, Fabric 3) 2 'materials ropes' with examples of 3Rs and raw materials for each.

Price: Network members £250 Non-members £300

Waste Audit Kits

The best way of finding out what we throw away, and the best way of collecting data on which to base a school waste reduction Action Plan. These kits provide everything you would need to carry out a school (or other)waste audit with a class. What you get 1) plastic ground sheet 2) thick plastic gloves (small, medium and large sizes) 3) spring balances in a range of sizes 4) one super large spring balance for very heavy weights 5) plastic box with lid for storage and transportation

Price: Network members £230 Non-members £280

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