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Waste Education Support Programme (WESP)

Waste Watch's new WESP programme became active in April 2005. It provides a comprehensive set of resources and services for local authorities and others to help them deliver effective waste education in schools:

WESP Network

A UK wide Waste Education Network, providing a national forum for waste educators with an annual seminar, regular bulletins, best practice exchange, web discussion boards, and reduced rates for training and resources. The Network is designed to support anyone delivering waste education from local authorities to community groups, NGOs and waste management companies. The Annual Seminar was held on 22nd June 2006 in London, and was be a great day for networking with other members across the UK, exchanging best practice and hearing about new ideas through presentations and workshops.

WESP Gateway

A free online database providing information on waste education services and resources available throughout the UK. The Gateway is aimed at teachers and anyone else wanting to find out about waste education possibilities in their area. So whether you're wanting to recycle paper in Pontefract, or visit a landfill in Lancashire, the Gateway is the place to look.

WESP Training

We will be running 6 training events per year and will cover the following topics:

  • Core resources for effective waste action in primary and secondary schools (Introduction to Waste, Waste Audit, Action Plan)
  • Secondary school resources
  • Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment
  • Packaging and food waste
  • Composting in schools
  • Nursery waste education
  • Waste education through Theatre and Drama
  • Site visits and paper making

WESP Teaching Resources - The following sets of integrated activities and waste education games are now available:

  • The Rubbish Challenge (A giant floorgame a whole class can play)
  • Interactive Dustbin
  • Paper Making Kits
  • Waste Audit Kits
NB. Network Members will qualify for special reduced prices for both training and resources.

How can you get the most from WESP?

  1. Join the Network - and benefit from the opportunity to access new ideas and share best practice. The Annual Seminar alone makes joining the Network a great deal, plus as a member you also get exclusive web services, regional development meetings, update bulletins, and a helpline. Members also qualify for special prices for WESP resources and training events.
  2. As a network member you can provide detailed information about your programmes and about the services in your area, which will be put on our Gateway website. Here this information can easily be accessed by anyone searching for information on waste education in your area.
  3. Access our WESP Teaching Resources to complement your waste education, and remember as a Network member you qualify for special reduced prices.
  4. Attend WESP training events throughout the year to hone your skills and get fresh ideas. Use your Network membership to get reduced price places and priority booking.
  5. For more information about WESP contact: Alison Pagan, Education Projects Co-ordinator, Waste Watch. alison@wastewatch.org.uk

    downloadable resources

    Organisations who attended WESP training in 2003/4 can download copies of all support documentation and waste education activities. Enter your username and password below then click the login button. If your login was successful, the page will show a list of documents available to download.

    username password Login

    If you have any questions or would like further information on WESP, please contact Waste Watch 020 7549 0331.

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