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The Dustbin Pack

The Dustbin Pack

A resource for teachers working with children aged 7-11 years. Waste and recycling are examined in detail with teachers' notes, children's work cards, posters on metals, glass, paper and plastics.

How about downloading the complete resource for primary school children including a comprehensive set of teachers notes? The pack contains ten activity cards and five posters, which explore what happens to waste, the potential for reuse and recycling and the properties of the main groups of materials found in a typical dustbin. The topics include:
Making recycled paper
Writing a poem about glass recycling
Investigating packaging
Identifying different grades of paper
Role plays for setting up a recycling centre in the neighbourhood
Identfying different types of plastic
Rotting rubbish
Making a rag rug

View this publication online-
Dustbin Pack Teachers' Notes - webpage
Dustbin Pack Teachers' Notes - pdf

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The Dustbin Pack and the Wise up to Waste Pack are supported by Coca Cola

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