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Waste Watch Education

We will be running a range of waste education training events in 2006. They will cover a range of topics and are aimed at anyone delivering waste education to schools and other young people. All our training days are based on activities that have been developed by our education team and extensively tested on our education projects.

Summary of Training Programme 2006

  • Core Training: 25th-26th May 2006
  • Composting, wormeries and minibeasts, food waste and packaging: 13th July 2006
  • Core Training: 19th-20th October 2006
  • Nursery ideas, drama and puppet theatre: 2nd November 2006
  • Secondary School activities: 16th November 2006
  • Document attachments are provided in either Adobe PDF format or Microsoft Word format - if you need to install viewers for these formats, follow the icons below.

Training Programmes

Secondary School resources

A one day course to include: • The nature of secondary schools • Ideas for successful waste work with this age group • Case studies of successful waste projects • WEEE themed activity ideas Secondary schools can be a challenging target for waste educators. This one day course will identify key points to consider when working with secondary schools, and then discuss a variety of techniques appropriate for this age group. It will then explore the potential for using Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment as a theme to inspire pupils (and staff) at Key Stage 3, 4 and A Level, and will provide participants with specific ideas for activities. Venue: tbc

Course Commence Date: 16 November 2006

Course Fees: Network members: £175 Non-members: £195

Booking Details/Deadlines: To book a place on this course please contact: Alison Pagan alison@wastewatch.org.uk 07764 269123 / 01263 585022

Waste Education through Puppet theatre and Nursery waste education ideas

This one day course covers two waste education topics: Puppet theatre; and Nursery activities. Puppet theatre is an excellant way of delivering waste education messages to both primary and secondary school pupils. This session will provide participants with the skills and confidence to deliver their own puppet theatre workshop in a school, and covers puppet making principles, as well as scriptwriting and performance tips. No previoous experience of acting or drama is required, this course is accessible to all. The session will be run by the Nutmeg Puppet Theatre Company, which has many years of experience delivering successful environmental messages through puppet theatre. Nursery waste education needs a different approach to working with older children, and this course looks at the considerations and general principles needed for working with this age group, as well as providing activity ideas to take away.

Course Commence Date: 02 November 2006

Course Fees: £195 (Network members) £220 (standard rate)

Booking Details/Deadlines: For more information or to book on this course please contact Alison Pagan: alison@wastewatch.org.uk 01328 711369 / 07764 269123

2 Day Core Training

This is a 2 day course which will introduce participants to the essential elements of a successful waste education programme in schools. Activities are based on our tried and tested formula developed in our Schools Action Clubs, and will cover:
  • Introduction to waste (assemblies and smaller groups)
  • Waste Audits (with appropriate methods for different age groups)
  • Action plans (working with pupils and staff to develop effective action plans , as well as support for implementation)
  • Risk assessments
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • The Rubbish Challenge floorgame
  • The course is residential with one overnight stay, and the price includes all meals, refreshments and accommodation for the 2 days. Knuston Hall is a comfortable and friendly venue, with interesting grounds (including Europe’s only thatching college and resident woodcarver).

    Course Commence Date: 19 October 2006

    Course Fees: Network members £400 Non-members £450

    Booking Details/Deadlines: To book a place on this training please contact: Alison Pagan alison@wastewatch.org.uk 07764 269123 / 01263 585022

    Composting, minibeasts, school food waste and packaging

    This one day course covers all aspects of school food related waste, and will provide a mixture of classroom activities and practical advice on tackling this issue. Compost is a fantastic learning opportunity in schools, and this course covers:
  • curriculum linked classroom activities to explain the composting process, as well as appreciate the wonders of minibeasts.
  • Why compost in schools?
  • Compost and the curriculum
  • Setting up and managing an effective composting system in schools.
  • In addition the course looks at waste reduction ideas for school food waste and packaging waste, as well as providing packaging activity ideas for both primary and secondary schools.

    Course Commence Date: 13 July 2006

    Course Fees: £175 (Network member rate) £195 (standard rate)

    Booking Details/Deadlines: For more information or to book a place on this course please contact: Alison Pagan alison@wastewatch.org.uk 01328 711369 / 07764 269123

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