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Cycler the rapping robot - logo Cycler the rapping robot in action - picture

Thanks to new funding from WRAP, Waste Watch's team of Cycler robots is joining the Recycle Now campaign in order to engage children, their families and schools in taking action against waste.

Cycler is a unique educational show provided for primary schools interested in environmental education. Cycler has appeared three times on Blue Peter and was awarded a green Blue Peter Badge to celebrate 10 years working in schools.

Cycler the robot is made from recovered waste materials with a tummy made from plastic bottles.

Cycler raps, dances and sings out the 3Rs message of reduce, reuse, recycle, all over England in a fun and interactive partnership with an Education Officer. Every child receives a copy of the Cycler activity book or activity sheet.

Cycler is aimed at children aged 5 to 11 and is available throughout England.

"A fantastic presentation. Excellent ideas, children were fascinated. The presentation held their interest throughout."
Havergal CE Primary School, Wolverhampton

"Really good! Brilliant! I was really impressed how the presentation was modern and up to date. We would definitely consider having Cycler again."
Stretton Handley CE Primary School, Alfreton

"Brilliant visit by Cycler. Both staff and pupils were very impressed. We will recommend you to others!"
Hookstone Chase Primary School, North Yorks

"Excellent assembly both in terms of presentation and content. I feel confident that as a school we will set up systems to address the 3Rs and reduce waste!"
Laburnum Grove Junior School, Bognor Regis
It is possible for a Local Authority, Council or other group to book the robot for a week in their area to support local initiatives.

To request a Cycler visit, please fill out a weekly booking request form and send to Waste Watch*.
or if you are school wishing to book Cycler and wish to register your interest please visit the individual school request form

* Please note the booking charge indicated on the weekly request form is a standard rate in order for us to continue to provide this service across England.

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