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21 September 2006

Vacancies for recycling promoters and surveyors in Barnet

Please click here for more information.

20 September 2006

Vacancy for Participation Monitor in Thurrock

Please click here for more information.

19 April 2006

Want help with your WRAP Behavioural Change Local Fund bid?

As a leading communications consultancy in its field, Waste Watch is perfectly placed to provide you with advice, guidance and competitive quotes for inclusion in your application to the WRAP Behavioural Change Local Fund.

21 March 2006

Cycler makes a million

After a decade’s hard work the Cycler project passed a major landmark in the autumn term. The robots and their accompanying education officers have now rapped out the waste message to more than one million children across the UK.

06 March 2006

10 years and counting for Real Nappy Week

The phenomenal growth of Real Nappy Week is to be celebrated with hundreds of events across the UK and abroad during the 10th anniversary Week from 24-30 April 2006.

28 June 2005

Environmental impacts of the education sector under the microscope

The environmental impacts of the education sector come under the microscope in Waste Watch’s latest research report. Resource management in the education sector – key findings from a study, which was funded by Biffaward as part of their mass balance programme, identifies key aspects of resource usage and requirements in the sector. It is hoped the report will encourage greater resource efficiency across the sector as well as promoting environmental education and communication, which Waste Watch believes is key to achieving the UK’s sustainable development objectives.

22 June 2005

Waste Watch Wasteline to close

The highly regarded waste and recycling helpline service, Wasteline, provided by the national charity Waste Watch, is to close in June after over ten years of helping the public, students, local authorities and businesses with their waste and resource based enquiries.

21 December 2004

Waste Watch launches education funding campaign

A campaign for funding for strategic waste education work in schools was launched by Waste Watch at its AGM on 9 December. So far, 33 organisations and individuals have signed up to the campaign.

16 December 2004

Are we obsessed with our possessions?

Possession obsession, Waste Watch’s annual seminar, held on 9 December at RIBA, brought together a high calibre panel of speakers who tackled the drivers for consumption and the question of making sustainability a desirable ‘brand’.

08 November 2004

Leading green website gets major redesign

Waste Online, one of the most comprehensive sources of information on waste, recycling and resource use, has been given a new look and a host of new features following consultation with its many users.

21 October 2004

Robotic recycling hero celebrates first decade

Cycler the rapping robot, one of Waste Watch’s most successful national education projects, celebrated 10 years of work with schools at a special anniversary event held at the London Wetland Centre on Tuesday 19 October.

11 October 2004

Waste Watch makes it BIG

Waste Watch, the leading UK environmental charity promoting sustainable resource use, is getting behind the BIG recycle, a week long campaign starting on 18 October to get more people recycling more things, more often.

30 September 2004

Waste Watch Business Network forced to close

The changes to the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme have affected environmental projects nationwide, and Waste Watch Business Network is, unfortunately, no exception. The Heathrow, Hillingdon, Harrow and Barnet branch of the network was primarily funded by this programme and as no suitable alternative funding sources have been found, Waste Watch is sorry to announce that this branch, along with the Camden, Haringey and Islington branch, closed this September.

27 September 2004

Waste Watch backs RecycleNow

Waste Watch, the leading UK environmental charity promoting sustainable resource use, has announced its support for the Waste and Resources Action Programme’s (WRAP) new RecycleNow campaign, which launched today.

24 September 2004

Possession obsession

Waste Watch’s annual seminar entitled Possession obsession, and sponsored by Aylesford Newsprint, is being held on Thursday 9 December 2004 at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London.

21 July 2004

Rethinking waste management to reap rewards

The environmental impacts of the financial services sector come under the microscope in Waste Watch’s latest piece of research, which has just been published. Rethinking waste management to reap rewards – minimising waste for business benefit, which was funded by Biffaward, identifies some key aspects of resource usage and requirements in the sector. It is hoped the report will be helpful in encouraging greater resource efficiency.

06 July 2004

KAT tool helps cost kerbside recycling schemes

Waste Watch is today launching the KAT (Kerbside Analysis Tool), an interactive calculator for local authorities to use in identifying the costs and infrastructure requirements of different kerbside collection options. The tool provides essential support as increasing numbers of local authorities are introducing or expanding collection schemes in order to meet recycling targets and comply with new legislation.

18 June 2004

Estates recycling not the challenge it’s perceived to be

Recycling for flats – case studies of recycling schemes for areas of high-density housing is a new piece of research by Waste Watch, published by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), and shows how recycling schemes for flats are not the impossible challenge they are perceived to be.

09 June 2004

Short term vacancies for Recycling Champions

Please see our website for further details.

13 May 2004

Recycling makes stars of local residents

A newly launched campaign to raise public awareness of recycling in central Berkshire is giving members of the public the thrill of seeing their faces on billboards around their local area. The campaign, which is running in the press, on billboards and buses, is part of the re3 initiative, a waste management partnership formed between three local councils in Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham.

23 March 2004

Recyclezone, a funky kids website on waste.

Recyclezone, a great new website for children and teachers, has been launched by Waste Watch.

24 February 2004

urban rural divide of education's environmental impact

Initial results from Waste Watch’s environmental study of the education sector have uncovered revealing insights about waste produced in schools.

19 December 2003

consuming passions lead to working group

Waste Watch annual seminar leads to working group on sustainable consumption and production.

15 December 2003

Waste Watch Environmental Report 2002-2003

Waste Watch has produced its annual environmental report. This report is available to download as a PDF from the Reports section of the Waste Watch website.

Download Environmental Report

08 December 2003

Wasting your time in schools?

Waste Watch is running a second intake of its successful Waste Education Support Programme (WESP) in March 2004. WESP is a combination of resources, training and support, providing organisations an ‘off the shelf’ waste education programme for them to run in their area.

12 November 2003

consuming passions

Quality of life without costing the earth - Waste Watch's annual seminar sponsored by Aylesford Newsprint. Thursday 11 December 2003, Arundel House, London.

30 July 2003

Plastics in the UK economy - major new report - online version available

A major new report identifying the opportunities for improving plastics recycling in the UK has been published by Waste Watch, in conjunction with Recoup and Valuplast, with funding from Biffaward.

25 July 2003

Education’s ‘footprint’ under microscope

Wastebusters to carry out study of environmental impact of education sector.

10 June 2003

More Rubbish Information

Waste Watch launch Wasteonline, the new information website providing documents and advice on all the issues in sustainable waste managment.

25 March 2003

Rapping robots think of Mother Earth on Mother’s Day

Three brand new robots affectionately named Cycler, and specially designed to promote waste minimisation to school children will be presenting the Right Hon Michael Meacher MP, Minister for the Environment, with a Mother’s day card to Mother Earth, on Wednesday 26 March at the House of Commons.

12 March 2003

New look website for Wastebusters Consultancy

Wastebusters' home on the world wide web has been revamped.

06 March 2003

It's right up your street! Waste Watch lends a hand to Gtr Manchester campaign

Greater Manchester launches Reth!ink Rubbish branded campaign with the help of Waste Watch's Communications Consultancy.

05 March 2003

Waste Watch Business Network to host seminar

Free 'Recycling and Closing the Loop' seminar to be held for business in Camden, Haringey and Islington.

26 February 2003

WESP gets off to a fantastic start!

Waste Education and Support Program well received by first intake of trainees.

24 January 2003

£5 million rubbish campaign launched in London

Reth!nk Rubbish Western Riverside, a major 5 year waste awareness initiative was launched on January 23 at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

08 January 2003

Waste sector grouping writes to PM in response to Waste Study

Waste Watch write to the Prime Minister in response to the Strategy Unit Waste Study

30 December 2002

New Year’s honours for Waste Watch Chair and Director of the Recycling Consortium

Jane Stephenson honoured in New Year’s List

10 December 2002

Dreaming of a waste free Christmas

Top tips to help you reduce your waste this holiday season

27 November 2002

MP backs recycling bill

Doorstep Recycling Bill gains goverment support

01 October 2002

Waste Watch 2002 annual seminar a resounding success

Waste Watch AGM and annual seminar a resounding success

18 July 2002

Communications Campaigns Made Simple

Waste Watch launches an extension to its business services, marketing consultancy.

04 July 2002

Large scale waste awareness initiative launched

Waste Watch to conduct £4 million campaign in south and west London

18 June 2002

Waste Watch launches three national projects

Waste Watch launches three national projects

18 April 2002

Recycling Rap reaches quarter of a million!

250,000 children see recycling show

09 April 2002

Waste Watch scoops award

Waste Watch recognised for environmental reporting

07 March 2002

Waste Watch to educate Nottingham kids about waste

New Schools Waste Action Club for Nottingham

07 March 2002

Kids make "eggstra" special cards

Kids turn waste paper into Easter treats

05 February 2002

Pupils see where their rubbish goes

North Walsham Junior School visit landfill site

25 January 2002

Boost for Waste Watch's guide to buying recycled

Waste Watch receives grant to expand Recycled Products Guide

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