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Waste Watch Communication Campaigns

Some of our past projects have included:

Rethink Rubbish

Rethink Rubbish was the public-focused waste awareness campaign developed on behalf of the National Waste Awareness Initiative (NWAI).

National Waste Awareness Initiative - Logo

Waste Watch, together with SWAP were the managing agents of this national awareness campaign, which ran the Rethink Rubbish campaign. NWAI had cross-sectoral support and involvement from waste management companies, local authorities, regulators, NGOs, community recycling groups, professional associations, DTI, the Environment Agency and DETR.

Targeted predominantly at the general public, this ambitious programme aimed to encourage and maintain positive change in public awareness, attitudes and very importantly behaviour to waste production and management.

ECT/Lambeth Community Recycling

Between 1999 and 2001 Waste Watch worked with Lambeth Community Recycling and Lambeth Council to carry out a broad marketing and communications campaign, 'Recycle from Home', in the London Borough of Lambeth. The objectives were
to raise the level of awareness about the kerbside recycling scheme amongst the residents of Lambeth
to increase the level of understanding amongst people about the benefits of recycling (economic, environmental, social), the materials collected, and how they can participate in the kerbside collection service
to motivate those people who are not participating in the recycling scheme to take part
to encourage existing participants to put 100% of their dry recyclables out regularly for collection
to monitor and measure the impact of the marketing effort

Waste Watch produced a communications strategy that was split into three phases, the creation of the branding and the writing of the campaign, the marketing of the kerbside recycling scheme and the marketing of the estates recycling scheme.

"Diverting Messages" - Daventry Green Waste Trial

The 'Diverting Messages' project that Waste Watch carried out with Daventry District Council on its green waste trial showed the positive results of effective communication and education on recycling and participation rates. With the education and communications programme in place, the average recycling rate throughout the year-long trial period, which was run during 1999, increased from 12% to 51%.

What People Think About Waste 1999

What People Think About Waste 1999 was a national piece of quantitative research conducted by NOP Research Group Ltd on behalf of Waste Watch, and was supported by UK Waste Management Ltd through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme. In a nationally representative sample, 1,200 members of the public were interviewed by telephone in controlled conditions. The report provided a comprehensive picture of public attitudes to waste disposal, awareness of current waste disposal practices, reactions to different waste disposal options, and the potential of education and communication to change the public's attitude and practices. Findings from the research helped formulate Waste Watch's input into the Waste Strategy 2000.

A 3Rs campaign for Cardiff and formation of the Cardiff Waste Forum

Waste Watch worked with the local authority and community groups in a consensus process to formulate a 3Rs marketing campaign using over 130,000 of landfill tax money from Cardiff City Council. Over a period of four months, Waste Watch wrote the marketing plan and recommended the formation of the Cardiff Waste Forum, which subsequently administered the 'Zero in on Waste' campaign. The campaign has now been successfully running in the city of Cardiff for a number of years.

Waste Watch Business Network

Waste Watch Business Network was a waste minimisation project that worked for six years with over 660 small and medium sized businesses and organisations, across 12 boroughs. The Business Network offered its members a range of services and resources including regular waste audits and the Resource Exchange that allowed members to make use of each others unwanted equipment and materials.

One of the key aspects of the project was to illustrate that sustainable resource use saves money. It is estimated that during its existence the Business Network saved its members more than £438,880 and diverted 1,977 tonnes of waste from landfill.

The Year 2 report for the Heathrow, Hillingdon, Harrow and Barnet branch is now available here.

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