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Waste Watch Communications Consultancy

Waste Watch Communications Consultancy has the expertise and hands on experience to help make your campaign a success, gained from years of successful marketing and communications work in the environmental sector. The consultancy also benefits from the wider intelligence of Waste Watch. A full list of the work carried out by the communications consultancy is listed in the resume below.

Depending on the client brief, Waste Watch Communications Consultancy can either work exclusively with you, or pull in extra resources from design, advertising, pr and market research agencies, and project manage their work as part of the campaign. Our strengths lie in our first class communications expertise and being part of Waste Watch. Not only do we have the internal links with the national Recycle Now campaign, but we can offer expansion of a campaign to include education and community work. We also like to offer 'value added' work, that ensures that the communications work is maintained and developed beyond the initial brief.

Whether you're a local authority, government agency or community group, we can help you with

campaign strategy & development
campaign management
staffing and best practice
training in running campaigns
monitoring, evaluation and research
copywriting and working with designers
one day creative sessions

For more information on doorstepping, please contact Tim Burns on 020 7549 0302, or email tim@wastewatch.org.uk.

For more information on the remaining work areas, please contact Kathryn Burall Stillman on 020 7549 0328, or email kathryn@wastewatch.org.uk.

Communications Consultancy - current clients & projects

Barking & Dagenham

The Communications Consultancy is developing a communications strategy for the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham. Following on from the strategy the Consultancy will also be managing a one year communications campaign to support the expansion of the orange sack kerbside collection scheme in the Borough.

Waste Awareness Wales Website

Following its recent successful work in Wales the Communications Consultancy has been invited to develop a website to support the launch of the new 'Recycle for Wales' campaign. This exciting project includes three fully bilingual websites; a consumer site to raise awareness and recycling action, a dedicated children's site to engage younger users and a partner's site which aims to support local authority use of the new brand. All three sites have been designed to conform to the highest accessibility standards making them accessible to all users.

WRAP nappy resource pack

As part of its communications roster work for WRAP, the communications consultancy is researching and writing a nappy resource kit, which will comprise the management of telephone interviews to real nappy schemes and the production of best practice case studies and awareness raising templates. This work will form part of WRAP's national campaign which is being developed to promote real nappies.

Recycle Western Riverside

Waste Watch Communications Consultancy will be developing the design and managing the production of four designs, for Double Crown and six sheet posters, aimed at the residents of the London Borough of Wandsworth. The posters will inform medium level recyclers about the additional materials that can now be collected through the recycling service.

Abitibi Consolidated

The communications consultancy is managing the production of a newsletter template to residents throughout Sefton. The newsletter will be designed to provide residents with information and guidance on the council's multi-material recycling collection scheme and Waste Watch Communications Consultancy will be responsible for the design and copywriting of nine subsequent issues.

Communications Consultancy - recent clients & projects

East Lindsey District Council

Waste Watch Communications Consultancy has completed a recycling communications strategy for East Lindsey District Council. This strategy builds on the communications audit work that the communications consultancy was also responsible for. The strategy covers the fifteen month period leading up to the introduction of a new alternate-week twin wheeled bin collection service in the area.

WRAP local authority communications toolkit

As part of the £500,000 transition funding for Rethink Rubbish that WRAP gave to Waste Watch and SWAP, the communications consultancy has written a practical communications toolkit for WRAP that will link in with WRAP's own training on communications for local authority recycling officers and the community sector.

Bracknell, Reading & Wokingham re3 waste and recycling awareness campaign

As part of this CRS project, the communications consultancy carried out a wide ranging series of activities - a communications audit, the production and implementation of a communications strategy promoting the existing recycling services and the production of a further communications strategy to cover the subsequent two year period. Training for local authority officers and the production of various promotional materials were also delivered by the communications consultancy as part of this wide-ranging campaign which included community work, doorstepping, education work and work on estates.

Waste Awareness Wales campaign

The Communications Consultancy completed a PowerPoint presentation for local authority officers in Wales to use when talking to the general public about recycling. The presentation was requested by the Welsh Local Government Association, in response to demand from the local authorities across Wales. The content of the presentation linked clearly to the Welsh waste strategy and the Waste Awareness Wales campaign. It highlights the main political, environmental and financial drivers for sustainable waste management, give details of the practical measures required to deal with waste and shows how the public can get involved.

west London organics trial

The communications consultancy carried out attitudinal research and monitoring as part of this large trial in the West London Waste Authority Area on the collection, composting and "market" of kitchen waste. The consultancy was asked to carry out a marketing campaign for the second year of this trial project. Project partners included Enviros, Network Recycling, West London Waste Authority, ECT Recycling, the London boroughs of Richmond, Brent, Ealing & Hounslow, and the Organics Research Agency (ORA).

doorstepping training

Waste Watch Communications Consultancy helped the following local authorities with bespoke training on doorstepping - Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, London Borough of Islington, Essex County Council and London Borough of Hounslow

London Borough of Hounslow

The communications consultancy looked at barriers to residents participating in the council's recycling service, especially the kerbside collection. In particular, there was a focus on hard to reach groups: such as the diverse ethnic community within Hounslow and the younger generation. This involved looking at the issues of communication and motivation for different ethnic groups. The work involved a series of qualitative focus groups and in-depth interviews, a communications audit and recommendations for a communications plan. The council was very pleased with the results and commissioned more work from Waste Watch for a large doorstepping campaign.

Hyndburn Borough Council

The communications consultancy produced an education CD-rom for Hyndburn Borough Council in Lancashire. The CD-rom 'A Load of Rubbish?' was designed to help teachers in Hyndburn bring the issue of rubbish and recycling into the classroom in a cross-curricular way. The fifteen minute film focuses on the life cycle of aluminium can and the importance of reducing and recycling rubbish. Teachers' notes were also supplied along with activity sheets for key stages 1 and 2. Hints on extending the activities for key stage 3 are also included.

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

The communications consultancy produced a communications audit and communications strategy for the borough, which was then implemented.

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Waste Watch Communications Consultancy received a request from the trust for help in communicating the need to minimise waste. The consultancy carried out a days training for the trust's members which covered areas such as setting objectives, briefing designers and identifying target audiences.

Essex County Council

Waste Watch project managed a six month contract with Essex County Council to employ a Rethink Rubbish taskforce utilising doorstepping as a research and communications tool across the county. This project was in partnership with StudentForce for Sustainability and Community Recycling Services. The communications consultancy gave advice and training on doorstepping techniques as part of this project.

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

The communications consultancy worked together with SWAP on this large scale 6 month campaign. The consultancy carried out the communications audit, the market research and monitoring.

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