education gateway - for school recycling schemes and resources
How to use the Gateway:

Standard Search:

  • Just type what you are looking for into the search box e.g. Yellow Pages recycling, and click on 'Go'. A list of your results should be displayed on the screen. Then click on individual results to get more details.

Advanced search:

  • You can select different search criteria from the three boxes:
    • Area - choose your region
    • Education services - choose the type of information you are looking for.
    • Education topics - choose the material or topic you want
  • Then click on 'Go' and and list of your results should appear on the screen. Click on individual results for more detailed information.
The Gateway provides:
  • Contact details of national and local organisations delivering waste education on the ground in the users area - e.g. Local Authority Officers, Wildlife Trusts, Global Action Plan projects, Waste Watch Schools Waste Action Clubs (SWAC).
  • Information on national and local recycling collection services and schemes available to schools e.g. paper recycling schemes, toner cartridge collection schemes, and can collections.
  • Links to useful websites and list of education resources on waste available to schools.
  • Signposts to websites and organisations providing useful information on other areas of education for sustainable development.
  • The Gateway also provides a central point for organisations to advertise their services and resources to schools and the general public.

So if you're a teacher or waste educator looking for information on what you could recycle in your school, or who could come and talk to your class or group about waste, or what education packs and websites are available, you have come to the right place.

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