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Requesting an individual school Cycler visit

The Cycler Programme is a national project currently delivered by regional Cycler Education Officers. The visit includes an informative, educational and interactive performance of approximately 45 minutes presented by an Education Officer with supporting Cycler Booklets for KS2 and activity sheets for KS1.

The aim of Cycler's visit is to actually effect change and attitudes to waste and consequently reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill. Therefore as a commitment to this we would request you undertook Cycler's 3 point challenge as a follow up and agree to feedback information to the project.

PLEASE NOTE in order to have greater impact and support local initiatives, we are no longer undertaking individual requests. If you wish to book a visit, please contact your local recycling officer expressing your interest in the programme. Your recycling officer may be able to organise a week of Cycler shows for schools in your local area. If the cost is covered by the local authority, council or environmental group, there will be no charge to your school.

A visit includes a performance for an audience up to a maximum of 300 pupils, lasting approximately 45 minutes plus pupil support materials for all children. It is possible to provide two performances for KS1 and KS2 dependant on time available.

If you wish to log your request with Waste Watch please complete the request form below including all your details. For further details please contact wendy@wastewatch.org.uk

Date request Preferred term
Contact name Position
Name of school/
local authority
Age group
Number of pupils attending show
Other information

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