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Waste Watch Education Services

education gateway - for school recycling schemes and resources
recyclezone - our new kids and teachers website

Campaign for funding for strategic waste education work in schools - call to action

Waste Watch supports the more strategic use of landfill tax credits, historically a major funding source for waste education work. However, two years after the reform of the landfill tax credit scheme (LTCS) in 2002, no new public spending scheme for strategic waste education work has been made available. Urgent action is needed before the sector's capacity and expertise to deliver education work in schools is lost.

For more information on the campaign and to register your support click here. To read the speech with which the campaign was launched at our AGM click here.

Waste Watch's education projects ensure that the message of waste reduction, reuse and recycling reaches both students and teachers in effective, interesting and innovative ways.

Our education work covers three main projects
the national Recyclerbility Project uses a state of the art robot called Cycler, to dance, rap and chat to primary school children about waste
Schools Waste Action Clubs (SWAC) is an education for sustainable development project running in eight areas across England
WESP (the Waste Education Support Programme), shares Waste Watch's education expertise with others wishing to implement their own education programmes. WESP offers training programmes and key educational resources for waste educators. The WESP 'Network' offers a national network for exchange of information and best practice, and the 'Gateway' provides a free searchable database of waste education services and resources.

Our kids website, Recyclezone, is a great way to introduce ideas about the 3Rs - waste reduction, reuse and recycling to children aged between 5-13 years old. There are loads of fun activities, quizzes, and information on the 3Rs. The website also features a teachers section that is crammed with ideas for linking sustainable resource use to the national curriculum.

We've also made available in this section of the website information packs, which can be ordered from Waste Watch free of charge for use in the classroom. These are great tools for busy teachers and show how waste issues can be used to illustrate many aspects of the national curriculum.

For all general enquiries regarding Waste Watch's education work please telephone 020 7549 0331.


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