Our vision is a world where we use resources sustainably and make a positive contribution to each other and the environment.

Who we are

We help people to waste less and live more.

Waste Watch is now part of Keep Britain Tidy with whom we merged in 2011. Together we exist to inspire, educate and enable people to be litter free, waste less and live more.

We believe improving our environment is a positive message that goes hand in hand with improving our well-being and happiness in life.

Our aim is to show communities, schools, organisations and government how.

By wasting less, we mean anything that is squandered or not put to best use. That could be materials, natural resources, energy, time, money, skills or potential. No-one likes waste. No-one wants waste. So we help people waste less.

We demonstrate how people can reduce waste whilst living more fulfilling lives that improve our health, wellbeing and happiness.

It’s about bringing people together to share more, to learn new skills, and to build stronger communities that actively care for each other and the planet.

We want to transform the way we live so that we – and future generations – can enjoy life without costing the earth.

Let’s waste less and live more.

Video: Sheherzad Kaleem, Funded by Media Trust. Thank you to Hammersmith Community Gardens Association, Fulham Primary, Graveney School and NHS Imperial Trust.

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