What we do

Everything we do is about changing lives and helping people and organisations to waste less, live more.

Our Work Programme Our Common Place - an approach to working with communities to address multiple issues simultaneously.
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Enhanced Sustainable Schools - helps schools address the most important environmental and social challenges of our time.

Local family and bin Top10 - launching soon - a website to provide best-in-class listings for a variety of energy-using products to enable people to consume more sustainably
Putting paper in a printer UK Sustainability Network for Standardisation - a new  initiative to spearhead sustainability in the development of new standards, one of the defining aspects of modern life.
Gordon Le Rotter Waste and recycling partnership campaigns – we work with public, private and third sector partners to build capacity and collaboration.
Services – we offer a range of consultancy services for local authorities, businesses and other organisations around communications, community engagement and education.
  Better Food for All - our work around better food for people, society and the planet starts with food waste but goes much further.
Events – we run a range of events, conferences and other inspiring activities such as Waste less, Live more week.

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