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Doorsteppier with resident

Compulsory recycling

Millions now put their recycling out on a regular basis, reflected in a more than four-fold increase in the UK recycling rate over the last ten years.

Pears at the supermarket

Food prices

In the last fifty years food has become a cheap and plentiful commodity – in developed countries at least. But are those days coming to an end?

Junk mail through letterbox

Junk mail

Junk mail is post we have not chosen to receive. It wastes valuable natural resources (around 9 million trees annually), clutters up the letterbox, and drives people nuts.

Pay as you throw

Pay As You Throw

PAYT is controversial as it touches on issues of equity, the relationship between the individual and the State and the 'polluter pays' principle.

Bottled water

Plastic bottled water

Over two billion litres of bottled water are sold in the UK every year - enough to fill the new Wembley Stadium twice over - and only one in five plastic bottles is recycled.

Plastic carrier bags

Plastic carrier bags

Over 13 billion plastic shopping bags are given out in the UK every year. Is this an unnecessary waste of resources or just an environmental red herring?


Recycling quality vs quantity

How do we get as many people as possible to recycle, whilst maintaining the quality of the end product?

Recycling collection

Weekly bin collections

Waste Watch response to the Government's announcement to support weekly waste collections.

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