Our Themes

Everything we do is focused within four main themes.

These themes represent why Waste Watch exists and the areas where action is needed if we are to protect natural resources, learn to live within our means and improve our wellbeing.

Managing waste better Managing Waste Better is about upholding the principle of the waste hierarchy. It’s about: preventing waste across the product lifecycle; reuse and repair; recycling unavoidable waste; and recovering energy from non-recyclable waste.
Sustainable food Sustainable Food is about creating a fair food system for all, which gives people access to nutritious, natural and sustainably sourced and produced food. It’s about preventing food wastage across the supply chain and making the most of the food we do have to throw away.
Rethinking stuff Rethinking Stuff is about revaluing our relationship with material things. It’s about showing we do not need to endlessly accumulate more things; and that there are greener and healthier ways to consume without causing damage to the environment.
Green economy A Green Economy is about building a different kind of economic model that is not dependent on unsustainable growth and puts the protection of people and our planet above the pursuit of profit.

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