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Campaigns and issues

Q. What is Waste Watch’s view on...?

Go to Views to see what we think about issues ranging from plastic bags to pay-as-you-throw.

Q. How can I take action on...?

Go to What you can do to see how you can take action on waste. If we’re not currently campaigning on an issue you care about, try these groups:

Requests for interviews and information, for study or research

Q. Do you have information or research on...?

Unfortunately, Waste Watch is unable to provide a public information service. Please contact the resource efficiency helpline run by the Waste and Resources Action Programme on 0808 100 2040.

You may also find the following organisations’ websites useful:

Q. Can I interview someone at Waste Watch?

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to interview requests from students.

If you are a journalist, please see our the Views page to see our opinions on certain issues. If that doesn't help, please contact us.

Waste and Recycling

Q. How do I recycle...?

Contact your local council or see what you can recycle locally at www.recyclenow.com.

Q. Do you collect recycling?

We do not collect or process any recycling. Check out LCRN’s Network to find an organisation near you that takes items for reuse or refurbishment. Always use a reputable recycling or reuse company who will handle and dispose of items properly.


Q. Can I link to you on my website?


 Q. Can you link me on my website?

If you would like to link to any page on our website,

Generally we only link to not-for-profit organisations. We will not usually link to commercial websites. Please contact us to discuss.

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Please contact us to let us know and we’ll put it right straight away.

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